Jaime R.


“Any opportunity that my kids have had to interact with the college students at Sonoma State we jump at that as an excellent opportunity for them to grow as human beings! At Super Kids Camp it is a very special population of young adults. I don’t think I have ever met any one in that organization that doesn’t like to spend time with kids. That has had a tremendous influence on both of my boys.”

Ryan H.

“Every night on our walk from the Campus Rec Center to the car I would hear all about everything [my kids] experienced all day long. Gio, my son, he loved that every Wednesday they went on a field trip and he would be super excited about all the places he got to go! He also became somewhat of an avid climber on the climbing wall! I felt that my kiddo was definitely very safe in this space; they did a great job with the training of the counselors that were in place. I also appreciated this was an educational environment!”